Sad Day in American History

NOTE: I’m sure many of my friends will have a different opinion than me, and that my post will sound condescending. I more than likely do not mean it as condescending to you, just venting about the country we live in. If you are fixated on the idea that it might be meant as condescending towards you, well then hey, maybe it is. I don’t care tonight. Tonight we sleep, tomorrow we start the fight again.

Tonight is the saddest night in American History. The country has voted for hate tonight, and I want to say I’m sorry to everyone. I’m sorry to all the women in this country that we now have a President who thinks it is okay to talk about grabbing women “by the pussy”. I’m sorry to all the Hispanics that we have a President now that thinks you are all rapists and felons. I’m sorry to all the African Americans that we now have a President that is endorsed by the KKK. I’m even more sorry that we have a Congress, and a Senate, and soon a Supreme Court that will buckle under any bullying from such a President (fronted by the same party) thus making our system of Checks and Balances all but null.

It is not okay that tonight less than 1/3rd of our population voted, and less than half of that voted for a man that is unequivocally unfit to be President, and unfit to lead our country. It’s so depressing that our country is in such a state. I honestly don’t know what is to be done. I am ashamed of you tonight America.

To my friends that are religious and still voted for such a man, it is so frustrating and painful that you could be okay voting for such a man. Rationalize it how you will; He says it like it is. He is a horrible person but she lies a lot. He is a horrible person but he has good plans. He is a horrible person but I’ve always voted Republican. He is a horrible person but I can’t vote for anyone else. He’s a good businessman so it’s okay that he says all these bad things about everyone else. Rationalize it anyway you like, tonight you endorsed all that he has said and done by casting your vote for him, and that is a very poor reflection of any worthwhile religion that you think you belong to. If your religion excuses voting for such a person, that’s probably not a good group to belong to. There, I said it. Hate me for it if you want, I honestly could not care less anymore.

In the past, elections have been about the differences on the issues. This election was not about the real issues, and you cannot make that claim. It was about race (racism), sex (sexism), terror (terrorism) hatred, and corporate interests. If those are issues that you can take the Trump stance on, I feel sad for you and your family.

I hope America gets through this, and maybe we will. I hope we don’t end up in a ridiculous war because someone insinuated that Trumps pinky finger is a bit smaller than the average pinky finger. We will see I guess. I hope that my friends of different ethnicity, different cultures, different sexual orientations are not bullied or bothered by those who are empowered by this horrible day.

For those people that are happy the election is over and don’t really care who won, won’t affect your life, you are part of the problem too and you should be ashamed of yourself. People have died for your right to vote and you don’t give a damn, so maybe you shouldn’t have a damn opinion about anything that happens in the country for the next 4 years? That work for you? Cause it definitely works for me, I really don’t want to hear your opinion, or your analysis of my long blog.

Whatever America, go watch your reality tv I guess. Commence the belittling of my post, bring it on. But yeah, in finished, I’m sorry to those who are sane and see how horrible this day is.


One comment

  1. Chris · November 9, 2016

    Couldn’t agree more. Thank you for putting my thoughts to words. I’m ashamed of those that voted for hate and those that didn’t make their voice heard by voting. It makes me literally sick…


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